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Usborne Books

For parents, moms, or anyone who are passionate about children's books, Usborne Books offers a great business opportunity. This is a very low cost business opportunity. The start up cost starts as low as $25. There is no quota for consultants to have to reach to earn commission. If you like working at home, online, this is also a great business opportunity.

How to start selling Usborne Books?
 Usborne Books

If you want to start selling Usborne Books and make money today, then you can either:

  1. Sign up as an Usborne Books consultant, or
  2. Sign up as an Usborne Books affiliate
Pros and Cons

To become an Usborne Books consultant, you have to purchase either a business supplies only consultant kit or an Usborne Books starter kit which includes some books for your initial home party or as a display set so that you have some books to show your potential customers.

The cost of becoming an Usborne Consultant is low but it is still more than the cost of becoming an Usborne Books affiliate which is nothing. However, you get paid more as an Usborne Books consultant. All affiliates know that they get paid less. It is a fact of the affiliate marketing business. So, if you want to earn more, you need to sign up as a consultant which can cost as low as $25. If you want to just sign up as an affiliate, email  us to get your affiliate ID. You can get paid about 5% of sales being an Usborne Books affiliate whereas you can get paid 25%-30% as an Usborne Books consultant. If an affiliate account is inactive within a period of about 14 days, the account can be closed so only get your affiliate link when you are ready to refer people.

Sign up as an Usborne Consultant

The cost of the Usborne Books starter kit varies from months to month. You can find the content of the Usborne Books starter kit by emailing us. If you want to join Usborne Books but do not want to buy any books, sometimes, Usborne Books offers the option of just buying the Business Supplies kit rather than the books as well. Choose "Supplies only" on the Usborne Books consultant application form. The link below will take you to the Usborne Consultant agreement where you can sign up.