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Stampin Up Discount

As a Stampin Up demonstrator, you will receive a Stampin Up discount each time you buy Stampin Up products. The Stamping Up discount you receive depends on your sales volume similar to how other network marketing companies operate. You can buy Stampin Up supplies at a large discount when you purchase in bulk. So, how much discounts do Stampin Up demonstrators get?

What is the discount level for Stampin Up?

First of all, at Stampin Up, personal monthly volume sales is very important because it dictates how much discount you get from Stampin Up and how much volume rebate you get each month. Volume rebate is how much Stampin Up pays you based on the total net sales you make personally each month. The chart below tells you how much discount you get for different level of sales of Stampin Up items.

The first two columns indicate the level of sales you make using your personal Stampin UP ID number. Total earnings is what you will make if you sell Stampin Up products at full retail prices. The instant income column is the discount you get when you buy Stampin Up items instantly. Volume rebate represents the amount of commission that Stampin Up will pay you monthly based on the net sales you make that month.

Total Earnings
Instant Income
Volume Rebate
0 $399.99 20% 20% 0%
400 $699.99 25% 20% 5%
700 $999.99 27% 20% 7%
1,000 $1,499.99 30% 20% 10%
1,500 $2,499.99 34% 20% 14%
2,500 $3,499.99 36% 20% 16%
3,500 $4,999.00 38% 20% 18%
5,000+ 40% 20% 20%

Basically, the instant income is always 20%. That means whenever you place an order using your online Stampin Up account and personal ID #, you get 20% off and you can sell those Stampin Up items to customers at full retail prices, pocketing the 20% difference.

Once your monthly sales volume is $400 or more, you start getting volume rebate paid to you monthly by Stampin Up. This volume rebate increases the more you sell each month.

Remember to remain active

You have to be active as a Stampin Up demonstrator to earn any commisson. To stay active as a Stampin Up demonstrator, you have to make at least $300 worth  of net sales each 3 months using your personal Stampin Up ID #.