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Selling Avon Good and Bad

If you are thinking of selling Avon, be sure that you know the good and bad of selling Avon, especially compared to other network marketing companies. Selling Avon has both good and bad aspects. For some people, the bad far exceeds the good of selling Avon. For others, especially for those who like Avon products, selling Avon is enjoyable and cost effective.

Selling Avon Good and Bad

The Good of selling Avon vs. Bad

The way Avon is set up is not like other network marketing companies. First of all, you order Avon per campaign, not any time there is a customer. Each 2 weeks, you get free shipping whereas no other network marketing companies offer free shipping periodically. It costs $10 to start selling Avon as a business. You can earn your commission immediately without having to accumulate points. The low cost and bulk buying nature of Avon makes it easy and cheap to get started. Also, you don't pay Avon anything until at least 2 weeks later. That means no inventory! All of these factors add up to make selling Avon very good for some people.

The Bad of selling Avon vs. Good

If you are used to good services, efficiency, high tech, and quality, Avon is probably not for you. Avon is set up as a low cost business. As with most low cost things, services tend to be low quality. If you have a problem with your Avon orders, do not expect high quality service. Do not compare Avon service and support quality to other good network marketing companies. You get what you pay for at Avon including support level. If you have low expectation and don't mind inconsistencies in your Avon invoices or bills at times, Avon may be right for you. But, if you expect competency, selling Avon may not be the right or good move for you. If you decided that Avon is right for you, you can find an Avon representative to help you or find another network marketing company that may offer a better home business opportunity.