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Pure Romance

Pure Romance is a network marketing company selling adult toys and accessories. Pure Romance is not for everyone. The start up cost of becoming a Pure Romance consultant is high, higher than most other network marketing companies out there. As a Pure Romance consultant, you are supposed to book as many Pure Romance parties as possible and try to sell Pure Romance products at the parties.

Pure Romance products

Among products which Pure Romance sells are:

  • lubricants
  • heighteners
  • massage cream
  • lingerie
  • a vast collection of adult toys

Pure Romance

Getting started with Pure Romance

To join Pure Romance and to become a Pure Romance consultant, you have to purchase one of the three startup packages of Pure Romance kit:

  • the bronze kit (Price: $250, Retail Value: $500)
  • the silver kit  (Price: $500, Retail Value: $1000) or
  • the gold kit ( (Price: $1000, Retail Value: $2200)

As with all network marketing companies, Pure Romance 's start up kits are aimed to help you begin selling Pure Romance products immediately as well as have Pure Romance parties and become a Pure Romance consultant.

Discounts of Pure Romance products for Pure Romance consultants

To help Pure Romance consultants build their business, Pure Romance consultants can purchase Pure Romance products at 40%-60% discount of the retail prices. This helps the Pure Romance consultants build their inventory for the Pure Romance parties. 40-60% off products are considerable discounts. This compares to other networking marketing companies such as Arbonne which offers net consultants 35% discounts and Herbalife which offers new consultants 25% discounts and MonaVie which offers new consultants merely 15% discounts.