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New Arbonne Consultant Checklist

When you start as an Arbonne consultant, you will meet with your Arbonne sponsor or upline and they will go over your Arbonne business plan with you. Below is usually what you will discuss with your Arbonne sponsor.

  • Your Arbonne sponsor will schedule a Business Strategy Session with you to develop an Action plan for your Arbonne business.
  • Your Arbonne sponsor will want to find out what you plan to do, your desires, passion and then develop an Action plan according to your desire.
  • Your Arbonne sponsor will try to establish how serious you are about making money with Arbonne. For example, what you consider hard work. Your Arbonne sponsor will explain to you that the Arbonne business is not a get rich quick scheme and it take efforts and hard work to succeed.
  • When starting an Arbonne business, it is important to set realistic expectations. New consultants usually have hard times and when they try to sell any products they may hear 'no' alot but their Arbonne team will help them deal with the rejections.
  • Arbonne has a system that works and your Arbonne sponsor will help you understand the Arbonne system. You can also read all about Arbonne business on your Arbonne website.
  • When you recruit a new Arbonne consultant, it helps to be able to show them how to duplicate your success. It is no good is you do something that no one can duplicate.
  • The Arbonne sponsor who sponsor you will be obligated to help you. He or she will spend time helping you with your Arbonne business because your success is his or hers.
  • As a new Arbonne consultant, it is important that the first 30 days you are as active as possible.
How many people should I get infront of to succeed as an Arbonne consultant?

To be successful at the Arbonne business, you need to get in front of at least 24 contacts in the first 30 days. This builds momentum, volume, gets them into DM qualification and finds BBs.

You must schedule:

  • 4 classes (1 business launch and three parties for Arbonne),
  • 4 pickups,
  • 4 business appointments in the first month

It helps (but not necessary) to be able to identify 10 people from a list of 100 that you want to have in your business and why. You want to look for people with desire but not necessarily the need. Some Arbonne consultants will be pushy as far as to ask new consultant to call the top 5 people while they are there with the sponsor to schedule a Assemble the Team meeting or call. If you are interested in becoming an Arbonne consultant, find an Arbonne consultant to sponsor you at here.