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Making Money Listing Ebay

One of the best ways to make money fast at home or online is making money listing ebay items. Some people make a lot of money by listing items for eBay for others instead of listing for themselves. There are two popular ways of making money listing eBay items.

  1. You buy items at low prices and the list on Ebay at higher prices
  2. You list items for others and take a commission (flat fee or % of sale price)

Nowadays, the second type is more popular unless you like vising estate sales or garage sales and have a knack for buying valuable items for cheap. Some of the items that do well on eBay are collectibles left from moms, tools left from dads, stuff that you have collected, coins, etc. See also, can you still make money on eBay.

How to make money listing ebay items?

First, you have to have an eBay account but the good news is that it is free to start an eBay account. But, before you list anything, you have to have some money in your eBay account because, as a seller, you will be paying some listing fees to eBay. This is unavoidable but most people find a profitable way to still pay for the listing and profit at the same time.

making money listing ebay
Setting Your Listing Price on Ebay

The price has to be right when you want to make money listing eBay. Before you list your item, you should browse eBay site to see if there are other items that are similar to yours selling there and note the price it is selling at and the number of interested buyers. This will give you an idea of the market for the item you want to list to sell on eBay.

You may have to watch that item for a while to get your information but it is well worth it. You should also note how the listing is presented that sells. You can compare a popular listing with an unpopular listing to see what you need to do so that you will have lots of interested bidders (buyers).

How Much Money Will I Make Listing EBay Items?

Some people do make a living listing items on eBay. If you list for others, you can collect about 30% of the final selling price with a minimum of $20 fee. This price range is common for listing eBay for customers.

The price does include mailing items to the buyer usually as well as taking pictures, listing and answering questions about the items. You can decide whether to store the items for the customer or pick up when they are sold. You can add more fees to cover your cost of picking up or storage.