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Make Money Designing Websites

In the past, when companies are starting to have websites and market online for the first time, web designers were in demand. Many people made money designing websites then. Nowadays, the world wide web has changed and it is very easy to create a website and market a business online.

There are many services that let you create your own website for free and even market your website for free. The era where it pays to pay someone, a website designer, to create a website for a business is rapidly disappearing. Only big businesses will pay a website designer and a webmaster to upkeep a website nowadays.

Can I still make money designing websites?
make money designing websites

Many new website designers always ask if they can still make money with their web design skills. The answer is always yes but it is getting harder to find customers that are not web savvy enough to make their own website or know how easy it is to make a simple website so that they will not feel like paying a lot for it. It also depends on what other services you are going to offer with the web design service.

Additional services on top of web design

Unless someone or a business cannot live with anything less than perfect, he or she will not feel the need to hire a professional to do web design for him or her. However, if you have other services in addition to the website design, your services will be much more marketable. Below is a simple list of services that you can offer for your  web design services.

Ordinary services

  • website design and development
  • online sales
  • free unlimited shopping cart using Paypal
  • website name registration
  • website hosting

Additional services that you can offer

Additional services are often SEO services or search engine optimization services. This can be anything from directory submission to video marketing. You can discuss with your client what level of SEO services will be most suitable for him or her.