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Can You Still Make Money on Ebay?

It is common for people to wonder can you still make money on eBay. In the past, years ago, it was a common knowledge that you could potentially sell anything on eBay. Many proved it by selling old shoes or other useless items on eBay and got some money for them. There were lots of buyers on eBay browsing and looking for something to buy then.

can you still make money on ebay

Nowadays, things have changed and there are now more sellers on eBay looking to make some money than there are buyers for most of the items listed on eBay. Since many people have learned that they can easily list things on eBay at home, many do it - some more often than others.

Does Selling on EBay Still Make Money?

Although, recently, it is harder to make a large sum of money listing one or two items on eBay, the method still works and people are still making money listing ebay items on a daily basis. The secret of success for most people is volume. It is hard to find an item that will sell for high value on eBay nowadays so most people make money by listing constantly on eBay.

The Secret of Making Money on Ebay Nowadays

While in the past, you can pretty much sell anything on eBay. Nowadays, research is key. You need to know:

  • what items have interested buyers on eBay
  • what items can sell for enough value to be worth your time (taking into account all the fees and shipping cost, etc)
  • what items have few enough competitors selling the same products
  • when to list your items (different listing times mean different ending times and could affect the number of people bidding on your items)
  • what price should you set your item at
  • should you set a reserve price
  • what should you charge as your shipping (and handling) price
  • how to word  your listing so that it is attractive to buyers
  • how to word your listing so that you are protecting yourself
  • how to take good pictures to attract buyers
  • if you should pay eBay any extras for better listing
  • should you have an eBay store so that you can list many items there
  • how often should you list an item to be profitable
  • and much more

There are even programs and software to help you with your eBay listing, management and marketing so that you make the most money with eBay.