Money Making Ideas

Mona Vie Juice Seminar

Another money making idea using the MonaVie business opportunity is to give a Mona Vie juice seminar. Seminars often attract people and with MonaVie juice, you can give a seminar based on Mona Vie juice benefits. A Mona Vie Juice Seminar often attract people who want to take care of themselves, improve their health, have pain of some sort and want to get rid of the pain, etc. A Mona Vie Juice Seminar is very easy to hold.

How to hold a Mona Vie Juice Seminar?

To give a Mona Vie Juice Seminar, you have to be affiliated with MonaVie Inc either as an employee or an Independent MonaVie distributor who has paid their due for the license to distribute MonaVie products. At the Mona Vie Juice Seminar, you wouldn't even have to speak about MonaVie if you are not comfortable with. MonaVie has many sales tools and DVD so that you can just invite people to your Mona Vie Juice Seminar and play these DVD. All you need to do at your Mona Vie Juice Seminar is to give a little introduction about yourself and what the seminar is about and let the DVD do the magic work of explaining what MonaVie juice is all about and the benefits of Mona Vie juice.

Mona Vie Juice Seminar

How can a Mona Vie Juice Seminar help me build my Mona Vie business?

At the Mona Vie Juice Seminar, you can have bottles or Mona Vie juice for sale as well as sample. You can also have other MonaVie products for sale at the Mona Vie Juice Seminar. You need to close the sale and follow up with people who are interested but are not ready to commit themselves.

Apart from retail sales or discounted sales of MonaVie juice or other products, you can introduce people to the MonaVie business opportunity and sign up new distributors at your Mona Vie Juice Seminar. Usually if you give people incentives such as discounts, bonuses, or gifts for signing up at the Mona Vie Juice Seminar, you will see more people sign up.