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MonaVie Home Business

MonaVie home business is about selling MonaVie juice which is a proprietary blend of acai berry juice with 18 other health fruit. The MonaVie home business provides a great opportunity for anyone who likes taking MonaVie. MonaVie is still a young company but is getting a lot of hype. MonaVie has been featured on CNN, Fortune Magazine, and on popular TV shows such as Oprah Winfrey Show.

How to start my MonaVie home business?

To start your MonaVie home business, you should find a MonaVie distributor or sales representative and pay the joining fee of $39 to MonaVie. You can either pay the $39 to the MonaVie representative or directly to MonaVie online.

MonaVie Home Business

Do I need a MonaVie representative (consultant) to start my MonaVie Home business?

When you start your MonaVie home business, you will be a downline of a MonaVie representative whether you have met the person or not. Therefore, it helps to sign up with a MonaVie representative. That way, you get the help and support you should get. All MonaVie reps tend to be very helpful even if you did not sign up with them. However, having a MonaVie upline in direct contact with you will help boost your MonaVie Home business.

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