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Mary Kay Products - Can You Make Money from Internet?

When a Mary Kay consultant first starts with Mary Kay Cosmetics, one of the most asked questions nowadays is "can you make money from the internet with Mary Kay products?" While a Mary Kay consultant can pay Mary Kay $25 to have a Mary Kay consultant website where people can buy Mary Kay products from, in this Internet Age, that is not how you can make money from the Internet with Mary Kay products.

So how can you make money from Internet with Mary Kay products?

In this Internet Age, if you don't promote your Mary Kay consultant website and do heavy search engine optimization or get traffic to your Mary Kay website somehow, then no one will come to your website and you won't make any money from the Internet selling Mary Kay products.


However, like most other network marketing companies, Mary Kay Cosmetics has strict rules of advertising and marketing on the internet. So, getting traffic to your Mary Kay website by means of search engine optimization or pay per click campaigns is tricky.

In fact, the way the Mary Kay Cosmetics business model works, they want you to make money by being a beauty consultant to people you know. You are supposed to grow your business by word or mouth or by conducting a beauty class.

Mary Kay Products Can You Make Money from Internet

The only way Mary Kay Cosmetics wants you to make money from the Internet is by selling Mary Kay products through your online Mary Kay consultant website. But, your customers would still be people you know or people who are already your Mary Kay customers re-ordering products through you. 

Having a Mary Kay consultant website provides your customers with added convenience. The purpose of having a Mary Kay consultant website is not primarily to attract new customers, although sometimes that does happen. Most of the time, people who use your Mary Kay consultant website to buy Mary Kay products are your return customers.

How else can you make money on the internet selling Mary Kay products?

Although Mary Kay forbids it, many Mary Kay consultants do sell their Mary Kay product supplies on the internet such as auction websites, eBay, and other classified websites. Most of the time the Mary Kay products sold are at major discounts which means you won't make much money selling Mary Kay products on the internet. However, if you bought Mary Kay products at 50% discount, you may be able to sell them at only 45% discount, keeping the 5% as your profit. But, if you are going to sell Mary Kay products and make money on the internet as your primary channel of income from Mary Kay products, you should be strategic and careful not to severely violate the Mary Kay consultant agreement if you still care about your Mary Kay career. A Mary Kay rep  will be able to explain more to you about the Mary Kay business and how you can or cannot make money from the Internet.