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Mary Kay

Mary Kay as a business is short for Mary Kay Cosmetics. Mary Kay is also the name of the lady who started Mary Kay Cosmetics, Mary Kay Ash. Mary Kay Ash was pronounced one of the most influential women of the 20th century. Mary Kay Ash paved the way for women to take control of their finances with unlimited income potential.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

As a network marketing business, Mary Kay Cosmetics compete with Arbonne and Avon. Unlike other skincare network marketing companies such as Arbonne or Avon, Mary Kay only have cosmetic lines. Mary Kay cosmetics, as its name suggests, has not diversified to include other types of health products such as weight loss products. So when you sign up with Mary Kay Cosmetics, you will be selling skincare products and cosmetics. The good news is there aren't that many products in the small Mary Kay Cosmetics catalogs so you will be able to try and get to know all the products. Mary Kay Cosmetics have two small, thin catalogs - smaller than Avon and Arbonne, and smaller than most other network marketing companies' catalogs.

Mary Kay

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How good are Mary Kay cosmetics?

Mary Kay cosmetics and skincare lines are not as cheap as Avon Anew but are not as expensive as Arbonne skin care lines. Mary Kay cosmetics stand in between the two brands of cosmetics and skincare. As with all cosmetics products, there are people who love Mary Kay cosmetics and there are people who absolutely hate Mary Kay cosmetics. Some people are allergic to Mary Kay cosmetics more than other good mall brands such as Estee Lauder or Clinique. If you are interested in selling Mary Key products, you need to find a Mary Kay consultant  to help you get into the Mary Key business.