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Local Herbalife Distributors

If you are interested in become a Herbalife distributor, you need to find a local Herbalife distributor to sponsor you. Local Herbalife distributors are not hard to find. Herbalife business has been around for longer than most other network marketing companies and in most cities local Herbalife distributors are abundant.

Where to find local Herbalife distributors?

Usually you can go to the Herbalife website and request that a local Herbalife distributor contacts you. However, the person that Herbalife sends to contact you is usually not that local to your area. The chances are there are plenty of other local Herbalife distributors near where you live but they may not be the most successful local Herbalife distributors. You can find the best and most helpful distributors at

Should I find a local Herbalife distributor?

Although, you can start your own Herbalife business without any help from your Herbalife sponsor, it helps to have someone in the same business guide you through the startup process. In the beginning, there is usually too much information to absorb because all network marketing companies (not just Herbalife) want you to learn about the business, the products and many other aspects of starting your own home based business. Most people when they join a network marketing company, they are ready to start marketing and selling to make money. Few people are interested in completing all of the training first then try to make the first sale.

Local Herbalife Distributors

Source: Herbalife International

Most trade shows or business expos in big cities usually have a rep or two from Herbalife. You can go to their local Herbalife distributor website and enroll as a distributor.

Warning about local Herbalife distributors

Since Herbalife is one of the oldest network marketing companies around, many people have become Herbalife distributors hoping to make an insane amount of money. When they fail to make a lot of money or any money, they talk badly about Herbalife.  When you meet a local Herbalife distributor, it is unlikely that you will hear all these failure stories about Herbalife business because the local Herbalife distributor wants you to join his or her team as his or her downline. But, bear in mind that being an Herbalife distributor is not for everyone. You need to be certain that you want to start an Herbalife business and most importantly you have to be smart about working your Herbalife business. For example, stocking up thousands of dollars of Herbalife products before you have any orders may not be the smartest thing to start your Herbalife business.