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Limu Company

The Limu Company is known for its original Limu juice. The Limu Company is another network marketing company. There are Limu distributors nationwide especially in Hawaii. Limu is not as big a network marketing company as some other network marketing companies selling health juices such as MonaVie. The Original Limu drink contains extracts from Limu moui, a sea plant from the Pacific Island of Tonga. Limu moui contains Fucoidan, which is what the Limu company's products are based on. For more information about how to join the Limu Company, check here.

What are the health benefits of Limu?

Limu is rich with fucoidan. Fucoidan has many health benefits including:

  • prevents tumors
  • boosts immune system
  • stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • reduces cholesterol level

Limu Company