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Juice Plus Verses MonaVie

On the surface, Juice Plus seems comparable to MonaVie. However, if you examine Juice Plus and MonaVie closer, you will see that they are very different products. Below is a comparison of Juice Plus verses MonaVie Juice. If you are considering taking or joining either Juice Plus or MonaVie, you need to read below.

Juice Plus Verses MonaVie comparison


Juice Plus
Advertising Materials

The company that makes Juice Plus has repeatedly made misleading claims. Its celebrity spokesperson was O.J. Simpson who endorsed Juice Plus but then made a totally contradictary statement in court. Even after the BBB issued a complaint against the company about misleading advertising, the company still did not do remove false claims.

MonaVie does not make false or misleading claims about its products.

Product benefits claims The maker of Juice Plus claims that Juice Plus has health benefits that critics and researchers say there is no scientific proof for.

MonaVie does not make claims about the products. However, researchers and lead acai berry research scientists such as Dr. Alexander Schauss, have tested MonaVie products and provided proofs of MonaVie health benefits.

Media Attention

MLM watch as well as researches done at various universities and cliniques and dietricians say that Juice Plus has no real benefits.

University fo Florida research shows that the acai berry, main ingredient of MonaVie may even cure cancer!

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