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Juice Plus Scam

With the marketing information of Juice Plus catching the attention of critics, the question of whether Juice Plus is a scam is not uncommon. Not only, Juice Plus maker, NSA, makes misleading claims about Juice Plus, its celebrity endorsement by OJ Simpson proved to be false. Critics say that there is no scientific proof that Juice Plus has any significant health benefits. So, is Juice Plus a scam? Decide for yourself.

Other doubts of the benefits of Juice Plus

Doubts have been raised about the benefits of Juice Plus by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the University of California Berkeley and other sources. Specific criticisms include:

  • the product’s marketing being unsupported by research data,
  • the product contains too little fruit and vegetable powder to offer significant clinical benefits,
  • concerns that the effects can be attributed to the inclusion of added exogenous vitamins and micronutrients, and
  • complaints that the products are excessively priced relative to their potential benefits.

In a January 2007 article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, dietitian Renee Schwendinger said,

"the average person should eat actual fruits and vegetables, not take a supplement such as Juice Plus," and that barring that, "a single multivitamin will give you all the nutrition you need if your diet is lacking, and it's less expensive"

Nutritionist Rosemary Stanton echoed similar sentiments, stating:

“Juice Plus…contains added vitamins, and as such may have some value, although regular vitamins cost only a fraction of the Juice Plus product" and that "there is no evidence the supplement has enough fruits and vegetables to provide an alternative to the real thing.”

Registered dietician Kathleen Goodwin noted that

“while there have been some clinical research studies about the effectiveness of Juice Plus, the evidence overall is inconclusive, the research flawed, and the funding provided by the manufacturer of the supplements themselves…Juice Plus supplements simply do not compare to the thousands of naturally occurring nutrients and phytochemicals we derive from the real thing.”

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