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Is YTB Travel a Scam?

The question of whether YTB Travel Network or YTB Travel is a scam is common among people who are interested in network marketing business opportunities and who love to travel. If you search online, you will find many opinions about whether YTB travel is a scam. So, let's examine the facts on YTB Travel Network and then you can determine if YTB Travel Network is a scam or a legitimate MLM or network marketing business opportunity.

First of all, if you are a customer wanting to purchase a travel package and a YTB Travel agent sells you on the rock bottom prices, it is usually not the case. The prices at YTB Travel is not the lowest price out there. However, for YTB agents, it's an incentive to pay a higher price because they may eventually get some commission payments. Below are facts and information on the business side of YTB Travel Network.

YTB Travel Network business opportunity - is it a scam?  

YTB Travel Network seems like a travel business. However, most of the money is made by recruiting downline just like many other MLM businesses. When you join YTB Travel Network as an agent, you can become:

  • an RTA (referring travel agent), or
  • a REP (independent Marketing representative), or
  • both an RTA and a REP

If you choose to join YTB Travel Network as a travel agent, you will need to pay the:

  • the initial fee of $449.95
  • a monthly license fee of $49.95 for the personalized travel website

While there is no fee to become a REP, a REP cannot sell travel. Only a referring travel agent (RTA) can. However, an RTA cannot recruit other travel agents, only a REP can do that. Most people want to get in on the travel side and join as an RTA paying the hefty $449.95 and recurring $49.95 for the website.

So if you decide to join YTB Travel Network, you should be prepared for hefty cost of joining compared to other network marketing companies.

Will you make money with YTB Travel Network?

A lot of the time, people call YTB Travel Network a scam because of the misleading information they were given by YTB Travel agents who recruited them. Since virtually all YTB Travel Network agents make money by recruiting other travel agents and having them pay the fees to join and train, successful YTB Travel Network agents are aggressive sales people who may be giving you misleading information just to get you to sign up with YTB Travel Network. The truth of the matter is:

  • YTB Travel Network is a lot more expensive than most of the other MLM businesses to start up.
  • YTB Travel Network is not thriving in profit as a company compared to other network marketing companies such as MonaVie.
  • Prices at YTB Travel Network are not the lowest. You can get better prices at Expedia and other online travel sites.
  • It is hard to get people to buy travel packages from YTB Travel Network vs. other more popular online sites such as Expedia or Orbitz.
  • Commissions on flights, hotels and other travel packages are small. Cruises are the only travel deals that can make you some commissions.

Overall, you can sink a lot of money into YTB Travel Network and never see any commission checks if you cannot sell travel packages or recruit downline. While if you pay $10 to Avon and you fail to sell Avon, you only spent $10 plus other odd amounts for your cosmetics which you get to keep, with YTB Travel Network  you are sinking money into training and the ability to sell travel packages and recruit people. Even though you can make money if you follow all the rules YTB Travel Network set for you, most people don't. It is harder to make money with YTB Travel Network than it is with other network marketing companies.