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How to Sell Avon Products

If you are sold on the low cost concept of Avon, then the next step is learning how to sell Avon products. Different Avon reps have different ideas of how to sell Avon products. For some Avon reps, selling Avon products is easy because they have friends and family members who are already interested in Avon or are supportive of what they do. However, nowadays, there are a lot of people who just moved somewhere and do not know many people. For those Avon representatives, learning how to sell Avon products is much more important.

How to Sell Avon Products

If you know people either at work or where you live, the first thing to do when trying to sell Avon products is to let them know that you are now an Avon lady to go to when they need Avon products.

How to sell Avon products by giving Avon products away

One way to earn an Avon customer is to give Avon products samples away for free. Giving free Avon samples can break the ice and let people try those Avon products at their own leisure. Some people will turn into your Avon customers but others will just keep the free Avon product samples and never contact you back. It is a number game when trying to sell Avon products. You win some you lose some.

Advertising is a way of how to sell Avon products

There are many ways to advertise both online and offline. However, check with Avon advertising and marketing policies to ensure that you are not violating any Avon policies. If you violate Avon advertising policies, Avon can take away you active Avon representative status and you will not be able to make money with Avon. However, there are many advertising channels that are personal enough to not flag any Avon compliance officers. Craigslist, for example, has many Avon reps advertising their services and Avon products. There are also other free bulletin board type of websites where you can find Avon clients easily. Read more about how to market Avon business and how to sell Avon products in our Avon business section.