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How to Cancel Avon Order

If you have placed an order with Avon and want to know how to cancel Avon order you placed online, below is important information that may help you cancel your Avon orders.

How do I cancel Avon orders?

Avon prefers you to refuse the shipment or return the Avon products rather than cancelling your Avon order. Avon is not set up to take any cancellation. Sometimes it is possible to cancel Avon orders you placed online. However, most of the time, it is very difficult to cancel Avon orders. What will Avon say? Avon will say your order that you just placed an hour ago is in processing and that it is too late to cancel your Avon order.

Why would anyone want to cancel Avon orders?

When Avon representatives place Avon orders online, they will not receive the Avon invoice until about 2 hours later. By the time the Avon invoice comes, it is often too late to call Avon and cancel the Avon order placed online. Avon business is set up in such as way that cancelling is difficult and you will be forced to return Avon products or refuse Avon shipment.

How to refuse Avon shipment?

If you ever have problems with Avon orders and want to cancel Avon orders, Avon support staff (who are usually in India) would say it is not possible to cancel or that they have submitted a recommendation to cancel your Avon order but it could still arrive. Avon support staff will suggest that you refuse the Avon shipment. However, more problems occur when you try to refuse Avon shipment.

When the Avon order you placed online comes, the shipping company which Avon claims it is UPS would not even knock on your door. The local shipping company that Avon uses will just leave the Avon package outside your place, available for anyone to help themselves if you live in that sort of neighborhood. There is not a chance that you could refuse the Avon shipment when the never let you know when Avon shipment has arrived. The local shipping company for Avon does not collect signature or anything so when the Avon package goes missing, there is no trace of it. So, you will end up having to call Avon and deal with Avon support and technical staff again.

Will I be charged if I cancel Avon orders?

If you manage to cancel Avon order which takes at least 24 hours before you know if you have successfully cancelled your Avon order, you may be charged processing fee of $2.50 plus any other account balance you owe to Avon. Sometimes, when you call Avon support number and complain, they may take off that $2.50 charge but otherwise there is a chance that once the order is processed, you cannot get that $2.50 back. However, Avon support staff may be misleading. Some Avon support staff will claim that when you refuse the Avon shipment, you will not have to pay the $2.50. Others will insist that you have to pay that processing fee. Discrepancies of information given by Avon support staff can be overwhelming.