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How can I Contact Avon?

To contact Avon, you can call Avon offices based on where you are. The Avon phone number directory for Avon office worldwide is below. The Avon telephone directory below lists the phone numbers of Avon offices for anyone who has any questions about Avon. There are different ways to contact Avon for other reasons, see below.

How can I contact Avon representatives?

If you want to contact an Avon representative about buying Avon products or for beauty tips, you can visit the Avon representative website and click 'contact me' to fill out an online form that will be emailed to the Avon representative. You can also use the Avon telephone directory to locate an Avon representative for you.

How can an Avon representative contact Avon?

As an Avon representative, you can use the online form located inside your eOffice to contact Avon. Avon has automated this system and you will be asked to specify the reason you are contacting Avon:

  • credit or even exchange
  • missing products
  • order status
  • personal information change
  • Price adjustment
  • return status
  • other

How do I contact Avon

You can fill out an online for and send to Avon. Or, you can call the Avon representative support line whose number is listed on top of your Avon invoice. When calling, Avon representative support line, you will be asked your Avon rep number which is also listed on your invoice. Most of the Avon support staff are located in India. The number to contact Avon is:


Avon Telephone Directory WorldWide