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How Much Profit do Avon Representatives Make?

One of the first questions that come to mind for new Avon representatives is how much profits do Avon representatives make. As you are aware, Avon products are low cost compared to other beauty products of other network marketing companies.

Discounts for Avon representatives

Avon representatives are able to buy Avon products at discount, no matter how much they order. In comparison, Mary Kay cosmetics consultants have to buy Mary Kay products at retail prices unless they buy enough Mary Kay products to become an Active Mary Kay consultant ($200 +). Then, they can order Mary Kay products at 50% discount.

With Avon, once you pay the initial $10 start up fee, you are entitled to 50% discount on all your Avon orders for your first 4 campaigns (2 months), providing you order more than $50 each time. There is not minimum order you have to place with Avon but there are if you want to get discounts. There is also no 'Active' consultant status you have to qualify. If you order a large quantity of Avon products, you are entitled to a larger discount but otherwise you get 50% off for your first 4 campaign orders of $50 or more and other discounts based on your order size thereafter.

How Much Profit do Avon Representatives Make

How Much Profit do Avon Representatives Make?

With the 50% discount available for new Avon representatives and the 25% discount for other Avon representatives, Avon consultants are able to make profit of anything between the amount they pay Avon and the amount they charge their customers. Avon representatives can sell Avon products at any price they want so you set the price and the profit you will make.

By stocking up Avon products when Avon have promotional deals, Avon representatives are able to make more profits on items they buy at introductory prices from Avon and resell them when the prices have gone up to retail value. If an Avon representative uses this strategy, he or she could make even more than 50% in profit selling Avon products.

However, overall, since Avon sells low cost products, the amount of profit Avon representatives get is small, even though it is big as a percentage of retail value. If you want to become an Avon representative, go to find an Avon representative near you.