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Global Resorts Network

If you like travelling, you may be interested in hearing about Global Resorts Network, a network marketing company or MLM focusing on traveling and vacations. Many people think Global Network Resort is a scam and there have been many complaints about Global Resorts Network. Global Resorts Network compares itself to time share and markets itself as being superior in every way. Global Resort Network is also known by a few different names such as GRN and other names created by Global Resorts Network representatives who put out websites all over the Internet to try to attract downline members. Unlike most other network marketing companies, Global Resorts Network doesn't seem to care much about its image because its compliance department is very inactive.

How to join Global Resort Network?


Global Resorts Network

To join Global Resort Network, you have to purchase one of the two types of memberships from a Global Resorts Network independent distributor. You cannot purchase the membership directly from Global Resorts Network. To find a distributor or representative for Global Resorts Network, see below.

How much is the Global Resorts Network membership?

Global Resorts Network Gold Membership costs $1,495 USD. This is a 3 year membership.  The Platinum Global Resorts Network membership is a lifetime membership (100 years) and it costs $2,995 USD.

Is Global Resorts Network a scam?

Most people associate timeshare with a scam and there are many timeshare companies that are actively scamming people. Businesses in the travel industry are rarely legitimate considering how many illegitimate travel companies out there. There are people who make money with Global Resorts Network opportunities and there are people who have benefited by going on vacation at reduced prices. However, there are also people who purchased the membership for Global Resorts Network based on what the distributor tells them and when it is time for them to take advantage of the vacation, they find that it is as difficult to book as it is for a timeshare and swapping or exchanging weeks. Much of the sales pages for Global Resorts Network benefits and opportunities are exaggerated and it is not as easy to book and go on a vacation as many reps make it out to be. For official corporate website, visit globalresortsnetwork. com.

What is Global Resorts Network?

Global Resorts Network is a business that sells and supports affordable, high end luxury hotel and resort memberships. You can select the vacations you want and pay Global Resorts Network online. Global Resorts Network competes directly with timeshare. Global Resorts Network does not do its own marketing much. Most of the marketing is done by their independent reps. So, you cannot believe everything you read. While you can walk into a resort and purchase timeshare, you do everything online with Global Resorts Network.