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Cookie Lee Scam

Cookie Lee Jewelry is a popular network marketing or MLM company for people who love jewelry. With more people trying to start their home based business, the question of whether Cookie Lee is a scam is not uncommon. Many MLM companies come under fire as many consultants join, fail and blame the MLM companies. Cookie Lee is no exception. Some people sign up with Cookie Lee Jewelry, invest thousands of dollars on Cookie Lee jewelry, cannot sell any jewelry and are saying that Cookie Lee or Cookie Lee consultants scam them into joining. If you are thinking of joining any MLM companies, get used to hearing the word scam because with any MLM businesses, there will always be people who sign up with unrealistic expectations and when they cannot make as much money as their upline, they get grumpy and say that companies or the people involved scam them.

Is Cookie Lee a Scam?

On the business side, anyone can sign up with Cookie Lee Jewelry paying about $350 or $650 for the Cookie Lee startup kit. With the Cookie Lee startup kits, you get to choose lots of Cookie Lee jewelry at 25% or 50% discount. Then you can sell the Cookie Lee jewelry at retail prices making profit as well as earn money by recruiting new Cookie Lee consultants. Recruiting is the nature of MLM businesses. Also, as with all home based business opportunities, you have unlimited income potential. However, all sales pitches will exaggerate and hype up the business opportunities. Depending on how realistic the Cookie Lee consultant you talk to is, you may get a realistic view of what your Cookie Lee jewelry business would be like or not.

Do the research yourself

Like everything in life, you should not go blindly by what the Cookie Lee consultant says to you. You should read the contract because not everyone knows all the ins and outs of a business. The Cookie Lee consultant may not be trying to con you or scam you but he or she may not even know the real answers herself or himself. It is up to you to research the business opportunities no matter with what company.

Unlimited income potential

Virtually all MLM home businesses offer unlimited income potential. However, you cannot take the word 'potential' as meaning 'guaranteed'. Most of the time, to succeed at an MLM business, you need luck as well as a circle of good friends and family. Most people fail at MLM businesses no matter how good the opportunities if they don't have luck and helpful friends and family members. So, if you fail at an MLM business, it does not mean the MLM company or business is a scam.

Cookie Lee Scam - final thought

When you sign up with Cookie Lee, you are effectively buying Cookie Lee Jewelry and the ability to buy future Cookie Lee Jewelry at discount prices (25% - 50%). If you are not comfortable with that fact that you are buying Cookie Lee Jewelry then you should not sign up with Cookie Lee. Selling anything is difficult nowadays so if you try to sell Cookie Lee Jewelry and find out that it's very difficult and you cannot sell anything, then you should attribute lack of sale to the high gas prices, slow economy, and your circle of friends and family - not a Cookie Lee scam.