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Cookie Lee Opportunities

Cookie Lee Fine Fashion Jewelry or Cookie Lee offers home based business opportunities for anyone wanting to make money from home selling jewelry. To get in on Cookie Lee opportunities for home based business, you have to find a Cookie Lee consultant. You can find a Cookie Lee consultant by going to Cookie Lee website, fill out a form and wait for the Cookie Lee consultant to contact you. You can also find many Cookie Lee consultants at various festivals in your local areas.

How much does it cost to join or sign up with Cookie Lee Fine Fashion Jewelry?

There are 2 packages you can purchase when you sign up with Cookie Lee Jewelry. The first new Cookie Lee consultant package is the basic start up package that costs $333.59. That includes the $50 one time membership fee of training materials, a Cookie Lee jewelry tote bag costing $10 plus tax. You will also have to pay shipping based on where you live and how you want the Cookie Lee initial start up new consultant package to be delivered.

The second package for new Cookie Lee consultants is the Best Value package that costs $642.15 plus shipping cost.

Cookie Lee Opportunities

Source: Cookie Lee Fine Fashion Jewelry

What Cookie Lee jewelry come with either of the new Cookie Consultant package?

You can pick any jewelry from the Cookie Lee catalog up to the retail value of each of the Cookie Lee new consultant package.

How much discount do Cookie Lee consultants get when purchasing Cookie Lee jewelry?

If you buy the Basic Cookie Lee new consultant package, you will have an immediate 25% discount on any  Cookie Lee jewelry you purchase for the new Cookie Lee consultant package. Then you will receive 50% discount on all your other Cookie Lee jewelry purchases thereafter for the entire year.

If you buy the Best Value Cookie Lee new consultant signup package, you will receive the immediate 50% discount on the initial Cookie Lee jewelry purchase and any purchases after that for the entire year. If you are interested in starting with Cookie Lee, you will need to find a Cookie Lee jeweler to help you get started.