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Cookie Lee Jewelry MLM Scam

Are you thinking of signing up with Cookie Lee Jewelry and want to find out if Cookie Lee Jewelry is another MLM scam? Let's discuss if Cookie Lee Jewelry is an MLM scam below.

Is Cookie Lee Jewelry an MLM scam?

First of all, let's define what an MLM scam is. Usually an MLM scam is one which promises something and deliver another or not deliver anything at all. Most big MLM companies such as Herbalife, Avon, and MonaVie are not scam because they promise good products which you can buy from them at discount and they DO deliver the products as advertised.

Some MLM companies such as Juice Plus have been under fire for false advertising and are still in business. These MLM companies are in a way scam because they misrepresent themselves or their products.

Bad products vs scam

Some companies have bad products but if they deliver the products and honor their warranty then they are not scam. If a company promises a product and a warranty (such as 30 day money back guarantee) and then when you try to claim the warranty, they don't come through, then they are scam.

Cookie Lee Jewelry bad products or MLM scam?

From our research, Cookie Lee jewelry are not flawless. Some Cookie Lee Jewelry customers buy Cookie Lee jewelry that are defective. They try to exchange or return. In some cases, there is no problem. In others, the customer support staff were very unhelpful and treated the customers badly, making the exchange or return very difficult. However, Cookie Lee Jewelry is not the only company or MLM company with bad support system and unhelpful staff. Cookie Lee Jewelry is definitely not the only MLM Jewelry company with faulty products. Many other Jewelry MLM also have the same problems. However, some other MLM jewelry companies may take care of their customers and consultants better than Cookie Lee does.

Since Cookie Lee Jewelry MLM company does deliver the products that customers or consultants buy and will exchange, refund or replace (according to agreement) if necessary, Cookie Lee Jewelry is not considered a scam. All Cookie Lee problems that customers and consultants experience are mostly from lack of good management and customer support, not scam. See Cookie Lee Scam for more discussion of whether Cookie Lee Jewelry is an MLM scam from a business standpoint.