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Cookie Lee Jewelry

Cookie Lee Fine Fashion Jewelry is also known as just Cookie Lee or Cookie Lee Jewelry. If you like wearing jewelry, Cookie Lee Jewlery offers great home based business opportunities. With Cookie Lee Jewerly, you can purchase all jewelry and accessories by Cookie Lee Jewelry at wholesale prices of 25-50% off by investing just $333 or $642 upfront. You can buy Cookie Lee Jewelry for yourself and your family as well as sell Cookie Lee jewlery for business at home.

Cookie Lee Jewelry

Source: Cookie Lee Catalog

Cookie Lee Jewelry Comments & Complaints

Although, Cookie Lee jewelry may look nice in the Cookie Lee catalog, in reality, rather like Avon jewelry, Cookie Lee jewelry may not look as nice as the pictures. Some Cookie Lee customers have made complaints and comments about Cookie Lee jewelry that they don't look like the pictures. Also, many lines of Cookie Lee jewelry tend to break off easily. With Cookie Lee jewerly, you get what you pay for.

Can I return Cookie Lee jewelry once I bought it?

Although Cookie Lee Fine Fashion Jewelry company offers guarantees that they would replace any broken items, in reality it is not easy to replace any Cookie Lee jewlery. If there is something wrong with your Cookie Lee jewelry shipment, you can call the Cookie Lee support line but may not get anywhere. Cookie Lee staff tends to be rude as are many of the network marketing companies' staff. They are there to sell and are unhappy to have to fix any mistakes.

Also, if you buy any Cookie Lee jewelry from your Cookie Lee consultant, it is likely that the Cookie Lee consultant has purchased that Cookie Lee jewelry a long time ago. In that case, it is unlikely that you will get any help from Cookie Lee company.