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Business or Sales License to Sell Avon

Do I need a business or sales license to sell Avon?

When starting a business, you usually need a business license or a sales license of some kind to sell to the public. However, when you sign up with network marketing companies such as Avon, your business or sales license to sell Avon is with the company. Avon has a license to sell to the public and by signing up with them and agreeing to Avon terms, the business and sales license to sell Avon is passed to you as an Avon representative.

Do I need a business or sales license to sell Avon out of my home?

An Avon representative does not need to go and get a separate business or sales license to sell Avon as a home based business. All network marketing companies work the same way when it comes to business and sales licenses. As a sole proprietor selling Avon, all you need is an Avon agreement and reporting taxes to state and local agencies as well as the IRS properly.

Do I need a business or sales license to sell Avon in a store?

If you plan to open an Avon store, you will need to get business or sales license in order to sell Avon. If you are operating a business that sells Avon products, then you will need a business or sales license, not because you sell Avon products but because you are a business. Check with your state and city for appropriate business and sales license needed.

Some state, city and county do not require business or sales license for certain businesses. However, you do have to set up the business entity properly in order to not get into trouble with the IRS.

If you want to open an Avon store, not only you will usually need a business or sales license to sell Avon, you will also have to get special approval from Avon to open the store. Opening an Avon store may not be the most profitable things because after opening the store, you will have to stock up your Avon store with tons of Avon products. That means a huge start up cost for your Avon store.

With a lot of inventory, you will have to worry about moving your Avon products. Not all Avon products sell but you should still have them in your Avon store. Also, with a large number of Avon consultants around, most people feel like they get better and fresher products going directly to an Avon consultant or representative. Avon reps also advertise that they give better prices than Avon stores because they have no overheads.