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Avon Scam

Are you thinking of signing up with Avon and want to know if Avon is a scam or not? Below is a discussion of whether Avon is a scam. Avon is a very large organization with presence world wide. For Avon to stay in business this long implies that most people find that Avon is not a scam. However, there are many people with bad experiences with Avon, some of the problems are ones that you too can be victim of so it is best that you know what they are so that you can take precautions accordingly.

Is Avon a scam or not?

Regardless of whether Avon is a scam or not, Avon does have a lot of complaints from Avon customers as well as Avon consultants. The low signup fee of $10 makes Avon an attractive company to join for anyone wanting to make money from home. Then, Avon consultants often pressure new consultants to sell Avon product or to recruit new Avon consultants. With Avon being a household brand name, it is easy to convince new Avon consultant signup to buy lots of Avon initial inventory. The 50% discount for the first four campaigns is also an attractive offer that Avon gives new consultant to entice them to buy more Avon products.

Incentives for initial inventory

With all the incentives Avon gives, it is not uncommon for new Avon consultants to buy into the concept of how easy it is to sell Avon and buy too much Avon products for themselves to resell. Since there are usually lots of Avon representatives in any one area, most of the markets are already tapped out which makes it hard for new Avon consultants to sell to other people other than their circle of friends and family. Incentives for new consultants to buy and stock up on Avon products as well as pressure tactics that Avon will throw at new consultants are bad for new Avon consultants but they do not count as Avon scam. However, there are other bad business practices by Avon that are more close to a scam than the ones mentioned above.

Avon business practice

Since Avon is a large organization and many of their support staff are in India. When you call Avon customer support, you will likely talk to different people in India. Avon customer support is incompetent. If you have a problem with your Avon account or Avon order, it is likely that you have to call Avon support multiple times to get it sorted even though each customer support staff will assure you that the matter is taken care of. When there is a problem, NEVER rest assured that Avon is taking care of business. Avon is probably one of the most incompetent MLM organizations around. Whether Avon is actively scamming people or not, you are likely to have a problem dealing with Avon sooner or later and when you do, you will find yourself dealing with incompetence.