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Avon Rip Off

Avon is a company for women that has a very low starting cost. This is a huge incentive for women to join Avon. But many ex- Avon reps find themselves being ripped off by Avon. Avon products are cheap (prices similar to Walmart's low end products), yet some people say that Avon products are still rip offs. The Avon business side has similar reviews. Many ex-Avon reps say Avon rips them off in various ways. Let's examine if Avon is a rip off below.

Is Avon a rip off?

First of all, are Avon products rip offs? Avon products are so cheap that people rarely think of them as rip offs. However, some exact products in Avon catalogs can be found at stores such as Walmart for less than half the price Avon tries to sell. So, since people can get the same products such as ConAir hair curlers at Walmart for much cheaper than Avon consultants can get even with the consultant discount, then Avon is definitely a rip off, at least for some products. However, do people bother to check for every item they want to buy at stores such as Walmart? No. That's why Avon stays in business and of course, some people do love Avon products.

Is the business side of Avon a rip off?

In the past, Avon did not use to be a rip off. Avon reps were able to make money selling Avon and recruiting new Avon reps. However, the world has changed and nowadays there are too many Avon reps around and finding a new customer proves to be very difficult. That means almost all new Avon reps who sign up to sell Avon fail unless they have helpful friends and family.

Therefore, if you are join Avon, buy tons of inventory and hoping to sell by trusting what the Avon rep who signed you up say, then you will have the next problem of dealing with Avon to return products and getting refunds or worse fighting unjust Avon collection agency. In this case, you will definitely see Avon as a rip off big time. And, you won't be wrong, if this happens to you, then Avon is a rip off and they should get a better customer support system as well as be more strict with their consultants who recruit others. False and misleading promises by individual Avon consultants is a big problem with Avon. Many serious Avon consultants also spent a lot of their own money, not just on Avon products for their inventory to take advantage of the scheming 50% off initial orders, but also in Avon brochures, sales literatures, product samples, business cards, postcards as well as other business materials.

Avon leadership is also a rip off

We will discuss Avon leadership program in another section. Many Avon reps who are serious about working their Avon business have been lured into the Avon leadership program. This Avon leadership program is not as good as advertised. Many Avon reps work hard to become a leader only to find out that it is another scam and rip off by Avon.

How can Avon still rip people off?

While some people have complained about their negative experiences with Avon, others are keeping quiet. Some people feel like it is not worth their time to file a ripoff report or report Avon with the BBB or state attorney general. Also, since Avon is a big international company, whatever you say bad about Avon will undoubtedly attract alot of attention - the kind of negative media attention that people try to avoid. Since the incentives to spend money at Avon is cunning and huge added to the low start up cost, when most people find out that Avon has ripped them off and complain to Avon, Avon is not helpful and refer them to the 'fine print' which most people miss.