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Avon Representatives Order Online

As an Avon representative, you can order online any Avon products for three recent Avon campaigns. For Avon representatives to order Avon products online, the Avon representative must log onto his or her Avon account online and place the order.

How do I order Avon Online?

If you are not an Avon representative but want to order Avon online, you can go to the Avon website and order directly from Avon. Below is a link where you can find great Avon coupons when ordering Avon online.

How can Avon representatives order online?

First, log onto your Avon account online, click start order. Then you will be asked for which campaign you are building an order for. You have to choose a campaign and also the customer name that can be yourself. Once you have placed all the Avon products you want in the shopping cart and are ready to check out, Avon will give you a total that does not include representative discounts you are entitled to. The total will include promotional prices on the Avon product brochures but not the representative discounts such as the 50% discount for new Avon representative ordering online.

What happens after Avon representatives order online?

Once the Avon representative submitted the order online, Avon will send an automatic confirmation but the invoice won't be available for another one and a half to two hours. Once you received the Avon invoice for your Avon representative order online, you will see the discounts you receive. If the discounts shown in the Avon invoice are not what you thought, it is often too late to call Avon to cancel or adjust the Avon order you placed online.

Problems with Avon representatives order online

The biggest problem with ordering online for Avon representatives is that the total amount due won't be shown until the invoice is available which is usually too late to adjust anything. If you call Avon customer support immediately after you received the invoice, it is still usually too late to change anything or cancel the Avon order, even though the order has not shipped. Avon will say the order is already in processing and cannot be stopped. If you try to cancel the Avon order you placed online, Avon will tell you to refuse the shipment instead of trying to cancel. However, if you try to refuse the shipment, Avon also makes it very difficult for you. If you decide to become an Avon representative, you need to find an Avon consultant.