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Avon Representative Websites

Each Avon representative can have a website with Avon. Avon representative websites cost $7.50 a month.  Most network marketing companies charge representatives a monthly fee to have a commercial website where products can be bought online, Avon representative websites are no difference. When signing up for an Avon representative website, you may not know how much it costs until you take the Avon new representative training or wait for your Avon invoice of the next campaign.

How to find Avon representative websites?

Most of the time, the Avon representatives will have to give you the URL to their Avon representative websites. Sometimes, Avon representative websites come up on search engines. However, most Avon representative websites are not easily found by searching Google. If you want to locate an Avon representative, you can find one here.

How about other non - Avon representative websites owned by Avon reps?

Many Avon representatives use Avon's name and info to build their own websites. However, Avon says that they violate the Avon agreement and when Avon finds out, they usually demand that the Avon representatives who own those websites take them down immediately.

This is not uncommon with all network marketing companies. Every network marketing companies, not just Avon, will have strict compliant rules when they get big enough. Independent distributors promoting their home based businesses have to comply with strict rules of promotion and advertising especially online.

Many Avon representatives use their non- Avon representative websites as a way of communicating with their readers, customers, and to heavily promote their Avon business. Most of the time, they can do that only if they are not using Avon 's name and copyrighted materials.

Should I buy from Avon representative websites?

Most of the time, it is cheaper to buy directly from an Avon representative rather than from any Avon representative websites. This is because, Avon representatives are able to give larger discounts based on your relationship with them. Many will also give you free gifts and free samples. While Avon representative websites may have online promotions, the promotions are as directed by Avon. Sometimes, you can also order things that are not on Avon representative websites from Avon representatives using Avon catalogs. For more information about Avon representative websites, contact us.