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Avon Inactive Delinquent

There is a major downside to the low start up fee that Avon charges. If you don't place any Avon order for 4 consecutive campaigns (2 months), then your Avon account will become inactive. If you have any balance from previous campaigns, no matter how small, then your Avon account is inactive and delinquent.

How long does it take for my Avon account to become inactive?

For most network marketing companies, when you pay a startup fee, you are a member for at least a year. During that time, even if you are not qualified for commissions, you can at least log into your account, look around and order products at discount prices. Not Avon. The major differences between Avon and other network marketing companies are:


Other MLM
$10 start up cost Often between $20-$100+
Get access for a year IF you at least order every 2 months. Get access for a year whether you place an order or not.
Don't pay for your Avon orders upfront. Pay for any orders upfront.
Free shipping every 2 weeks. You pay for shipping whenever you place an order.
Very poor customer support system. Often better customer support system.
New products are unsealed. New products are sealed to prove they are new.
Unreliable return department. More reliable return department.
You pay for shipping of returned items. Often the company provides return UPS shipping label and you ship for free.

If your Avon account is inactive and delinquent, then you will be contacted by Avon Collection Agency, Allied Data who can also go by different names starting with Allied.

When an Avon representative has outstanding balance, fees are incurred up to $25 plus the cost of Avon products ordered and delivered. The late fees for Avon are as follows.

  • Outstanding balance of more than 2 campaigns fee = $5 (if balance not paid by the third campaign)
  • Outstanding balance of more than 3 campaigns fee = $10
  • Outstanding balance of more than 4 campaigns fee = $10

If your have outstanding balance for more than 5 campaigns, then you will be removed from the active status and your account will become inactive and delinquent. If your account has gotten as far as being inactive and delinquent, even if you then pay up all your debts with Avon, Avon Collection Agency will still contact you and try to collect from you using any scare tactics they know. Avon and their Collection Agency do not communicate often and it can take a very long time to resolve any issues at this point.