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Avon Fees

Avon, unlike most network marketing companies, make their fees and charges difficult for Avon consultants to find. Most companies will tell you how much things cost before you actually click on the 'signup' or 'order' button. But, not Avon. Avon hides the fees in their manuals and places on their Avon representative websites. If you don't know where to look, it can be difficult to know and find out in advance all the Avon fees. Below are some of the Avon fees. However, if it is your first time dealing with Avon, it is best to get on the phone, call Avon and have an Avon support staff tell you every charge you will incur when placing that Avon order or signing up with any features Avon offers on the Avon representative website.

Fee for signing up as an Avon representative

First of all, it costs $10 to join and sign up as an Avon representative. Avon is a very low cost network marketing company which is why so many people become Avon representatives.

Avon late order fee

When you are an Avon representative, you have to worry about late fees unlike other network marketing companies. Because Avon ships your Avon orders for free every 2 weeks, you have to place your Avon order in time. If you are late placing that Avon campaign order, then Avon will add $7 late fee on your order. You will not see that Avon late fee until you receive the Avon invoice for that order. So, if you place an Avon order later than the deadline for a particular campaign, then don't be surprise for that added $7 Avon fee. However, your Avon district manager or Avon phone support could take that Avon late fee off your balance if you are lucky.

Avon eRepresentative website fee

To enrol as an Avon e-Representative, you will need to register for an Avon representative website where you customers can buy directly from Avon and you get the commission. This idea is nice in theory but in reality, you still have to work hard to market your Avon representative website to make any sales. The Avon representative website costs $7.50 a month. When signing up for an Avon representative website, you may not see that you have to pay Avon that website fee, but the $7.50 will appear on your invoice when you place your next order as well as on your Avon balance.

Additional shipping cost

If you place an order late or have the order shipped to your customer instead of the regular free shipment Avon offers, then you will incur shipping cost and fees. You won't know how much this shipping cost will be exactly until you receive an Invoice from Avon or check your Avon representative account regularly.

Outstanding Balance fee

When an Avon representative orders from Avon, there is an amount due balance that he or she has to pay Avon before the next campaign order is delivered. But, there is also an outstanding amount that may not be due until 1 or 2 campaigns later. If you pay the amount due to Avon, then everything is fine and you will not incur any charges or fees as a result of that outstanding balance. However, if your outstanding balance is on your Avon account for more than 2 campaigns, then you will incur fees as follows:

  • Outstanding balance of more than 2 campaigns fee = $5 (if balance not paid by the third campaign)
  • Outstanding balance of more than 3 campaigns fee = $10
  • Outstanding balance of more than 4 campaigns fee = $10

The maximum outstanding balance fee you will incur is $25. So, if you have an outstanding balance on your Avon account and you don't order for 4 campaigns straight, then you will find the maximum amount of $25 on your account as outstanding balance fee. If your outstanding balance is more than 5 campaigns, then you will be removed from the active status by Avon.