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Avon Credit Card

Avon accept credit cards and any Avon representatives can process any credit cards using the Avon Credit Card Form. Below is the Avon credit card imprinter operating instructions.

  1. Open imprinter by Pushing release button
  2. Place card in imprinter as shown in diagram
  3. Insert form under form slip with top edge against form stops (see diagram) close imprinter.
  4. Slide handle left to right, open imprinter and remove print, return handle to left side.
Avon Credit CardAvon Credit Card

Avon credit card machine

Avon Credit Card Imprinter suggestion

To slide the handle across the imprinter, place hand over the imprinter and use thumb to move imprinter handle or slide handle across using four fingers with imprinter braced against palm.

How to fill in the Avon Credit Card Form (for Avon representatives)

Fill in the Avon Credit Card Form completely when you take a credit card Customer order. Use your imprinter or a ballpoint pen on a hard surface and be sure to press firmly so that information appears on the three copies of the Avon credit card forms.

Where there are boxes, be sure to write only one number or letter in each box.

  1. write your Customer's VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card / NOVUS credit card number, double check that you have written the card number correctly.
  2. Write in the credit card's expiration date.
  3. Clearly write your customer's name and telephone number including area code
  4. Write in the campaign number and delivery date. It is essential that the delivery date be before the credit card expires.
  5. Write in the total amount of the Customer's purchase (dollars and cents)
  6. Write in your name, telephone number (including area code) and district and account number.
  7. To obtain credit card authorization for Customer purchases. Call 1-800-782-7585.
  8. Circle which credit card the Customer has used and have the Customer sign at the "X".
  9. Make sure the name embossed on the card, signature on the card and the signature on the Credit Card Form al match and are spelled the same.
  10. Tear off the yellow Customer copy and give it to the Customer.
  11. When you prepare to send in your payment for this order to Avon, add up all your credit card sales. Subtract this amount from the "Please pay this amount with your next order" box on your Invoice. Include the white Avon copies of all your Credit Card Forms, plus a check for the remaining balance.
  12. Keep the pink Representative copy for your records for at least one year.

Only the use of an Avon Credit Card Imprinter along with a valid authorization code and Customer signature will protect your Avon account from a chargeback due to any resulting loss.