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Avon is another network marketing companies that many women have signed up. Why? Because it only costs $10 to join Avon. Avon is also supposed to be a household name offering products ranging from Avon cosmetics, Avon makeup, Avon bed and bath products, made for Avon jewelry, and others.

How will I make money with Avon?

Like all network marketing companies, you can make money with Avon by buying at discounts and selling Avon products retail or at a smaller discounted prices. You can also recruit downline under you. Go to if you want to find a sponsor.

How much money will I make with Avon?

Since Avon products are so cheap compared to other network marketing companies' products, to make a large amount of money with Avon, you will have to do a lot of business. You have to work harder for a smaller amount of money. In Avon's defense, they say Avon is a household name and Avon products are easy to sell. On the other hand, most people already have an Avon representative and there are so many Avon representatives to compete with you. So, making money from scratch with Avon is difficult.

Avon support tools for representatives

Compared to other network marketing companies such as Arbonne, MonaVie, or Herbalife, Avon website is less advance. Ordering from Avon website is difficult without a physical Avon brochure (costs about $5 + for 10 of them).  Avon also makes it difficult for new representatives to know where all the fees associated with ordering are.

How does an Avon representative order their Avon supplies?

An Avon representative will log onto their Avon account and build a campaign which they send to Avon every 2 weeks. At the back of Avon brochures, you will see the campaign number. Each campaign expires every 2 weeks and if an Avon representative were to order late, there would be a $7 late fee which is either not on the Avon website or well hidden. There are 2 ways that an Avon representative can know about the $7 late ordering fee; an Avon upline can tell him or her or he or she can wait for his or her invoice from Avon and find out.

Then there is a processing fee of $2.50 as well as tax added to the order amount. Then the discount may be applied in the invoice making your total that you have to pay Avon different from what you may have expected. The bad part is, unless you remember everything by the time you place the order, it is usually too late to find out how much you will have to pay in total. You won't know the total amount you owe Avon until you receive the invoice from Avon to your email address. And, if that amount is not what you expect, it is often too late to cancel your order even if you call Avon support to do so. This kind of thing does not happen at other better network marketing companies.