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Allied Data & Avon

If you have a past due account with Avon, you will hear of Allied Data or rather, you will hear from Allied Data Corporation or Allied Data Collection Agency. Allied Data Corporation in Houston Texas is the collection agency that Avon uses to collect from Avon consultants with past due bills. The Allied Data Debt Collections Department is ruthless and will harass ex Avon consultants and threaten them with lawsuits.

Will Allied Data Corporation come after me for small debts?

Yes. Allied Data Debt collectors specialize in collection small debts that are generally not worth Avon's time but these debts are worth Allied Data Corp 's time. If you owe Avon even merely $10, Allied Data Corporation will give you a call and will not stop harassing you until you send them money.

What tactics can I expect Allied Data (& Avon) to use to collect from me?

Allied Data Corporation usually uses scare tactics to pressure ex Avon consultants to pay their debts. Once the bills are past due, Avon will rarely help you or they will say they will help or that everything is taken care of but in reality nothing is taken care of. Avon is a very incompetent organization and when dealing with them, demand everything in writing and do not rest assured if you hear good news. Too many Avon consultants have had bad experience dealing with Avon.

Why do I still get calls from Allied Data Corporation & Avon when I have already returned the goods?

Avon 's accounting and return department is one of the worst. One person can say one thing to you and the next time you call, the next person will say something completely different. Returns of goods to Avon have been reported as having many problems and your upline will not help you. Everyone at Avon is there to sell and make money, not there to help you or do customer support. Most of the Avon upline won't know what to do when there are actual problems themselves.

When you return things to Avon, expect Avon to not acknowledge it for awhile. Then if Avon acknowledge it, expect the collection agency (Allied Data corporation) to not be notified that you have settled your account and still call and harass you daily. If you manage to call and complain to one customer support whether it is at Allied Data Corp or at Avon, expect the harassment to continue. If you manage to call Avon or Allied Data the second time to question about your supposedly closed account, expect the new person you talk to to have no clue what you are talking about and above all expect that everyone you talk to at Avon will assure you (falsely) that everything is or will be taken care of. Then expect everything to not be taken care of and the problem continues.

If you are one of the unlucky Avon consultants whose account get sent to the debt collection agency, Allied Data Corporation, then expect there to be a very messy outcome before you can actually settle your account whether you actually pay them or not. In most cases, the harassment continues even when the ex Avon consultants paid up in full and settle their accounts in full. If you are having to deal with Allied Data and Avon, expect to have to find complaints with state attorney general, the FTC and the Better Business Bureau as well as use all sorts of tactics to deal with debt collectors.