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Advocare Review

Advocare is another network marketing company selling vitamins, weight loss products and health products. If you are thinking of joining Advocare to make money, then you should read the following Advocare review.

Advocare product review

First of all, Advocare products have been known to cause bad reactions in people more than many other competing weight loss products or nutritional products. While some people do genuinely like Advocare products, there have been many Advocare complaints, not only because of the ripoff prices but also some people claim that Advocare products have caused them health problems. When signing up with Advocare, you have to sign a release form that you will not hold Advocare responsible for any adverse reactions to their products. So, if you are thinking of taking Advocare products, you should do your research properly. And, don't just research the active ingredients in Advocare products, pay attention to the inactive ingredients too.

Advocare business opportunity review

The Advocare business opportunity is very hard to make money with compared to other network marketing opportunities. Below are some business Advocare info.

How to join Advocare and what it the startup cost for Advocare?

There are 3 ways to sign up with Advocare and become an Advocare advisor:

  1. One person places a single purchase of $2,100 of Advocare products.
  2. Two people place single purchases of $1,050 orders of Advocare products. You and a friend in a Line of 2.
  3. Three people place single purchases of $700 or more. You and two friends in a Line of 3.

With the humongous startup cost of $2,100 to join Advocare (most people join alone), not many people can afford to join considering there are plenty of other better opportunities for making money.

Will I have to keep buying Advocare products to get paid?

Yes. Although there is no quota to meet, you have to spend money regularly buying Advocare products to get paid (be eligible for payment and commissions). Every two weeks, you have to spend about $300-$600 buying Advocare products or you will not get paid that pay period. That means, unless you actively take Advocare products regularly or sell them to your friends, you will end up with tons of Advocare products at home as inventory and they are not cheap.

Is Advocare a Scam?

There are many reports of people unhappy with Advocare products, Advocare compensation plans and Advocare company. While there are Advocare reps making decent money with Advocare products (note that they are just making decent money compared to other successful people at other network marketing companies), a large percentage of Advocare reps were misrepresented the opportunity and the products.